Mary O'Brien Cabaron has a Bachelor of Art Degree in Interior Design and is an associate member of the Interior Design Society.

Mary's past experiences include a wide range of interior design. Her work has taken her from Northern New Jersey and New York, along the Atlantic Ocean and down to the west coast of Florida. She has worked on many large estates as well as vacation homes.

Mary's design and color selecting have been highly influenced by her extensive travel all over the world. She is known for her exquisite eye for color.

Mary is always leading her clients to try something new. She admits that the most important part of her design experiences is that initial interview with her client. This is the time where she listens to all their needs and wants. She then takes what she hears and mixes it with her expertise to create a beautiful yet functional place to live.

Mary's work has been featured four times in Design NJ including the premiere issue and cover. Along with this, several news papers in New Jersey have written articles featuring her work.

Mary O'Brien Cabaron

105 W.South 34th Street
Beach Haven Terrace, NJ 08008
Phone: 609-492-8216
Fax: 609-492-4166